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AbilifyWe are used to the situation in which we are witnessing growing number of processes: many new things flashed in just a decade, bringing new discoveries. The world is evolving, taking on new forms, and at the same time, new illnesses. I hasten to tell you that it is not left unnoticed! The new word in antipsychotic medications. A relatively new, and most importantly, a revolutionary for his generation. This drug combines maximum performance with minimal negative impact on our body. With its unique properties (partial agonism receptor Mesocortical ways and places related parallels among the many atypical antipsychotics).

If you want to use Aripiprazole, you better get to know know that is not only effectively shows itself in urgent therapies, but also has an exceptional significance for the long-term transmissions. In the course of many studies, scientists have made findings which I hasten to share with you: The ability to decrease in Aripiprazole match prolactin, glucose and lipid levels in the blood is an organic porazhet-effects on the body are not yet demonstrated no means of resisting. It is also must be noted that the ability Aripiprazole shorten the QT interval of the electrocardiogram is not less important feature in its use. These studies show examples of high-grade security cardiovascular system.

Completely new medication can be considered its effect on the environment of the organism. Now we will examine everything on the shelves. You may start with the fact that the activity of the drug due to the estate of the starting material, which results in an average half-life. Aripiprazole from the body for about 75 hours. Equal concentration is reached after about 14 days. Aripiprazole can be rapidly absorbed, which causes absolute bioavailability of the tablet which equates to 87%.

The use of our product will also not burden you: with the right training it does not take much time. Aripiprazole be taken 1 time a day. Again, preparation is well tolerated by patients.

An active ingredient in Abilify is Aripiprazole.

It is also important for you to information about the indications of Aripiprazole:

Applicated to treat:
acute manic attacks
some manic episodes
as an adjunct to antidepressants

There are also some contraindications:
This product is also not recommended for use in hypersensitive people and lactation.

Aripiprazole has its side effects. In very rare cases of side effects from the circulatory system, digestive side take place: allergic reactions and musculoskeletal. Manifestations are rare cases of the effects in the nervous system, respiratory, skin, are also rare cases of side effects in the sense organs and the urinary system. The main parting words that will never let you down: in any case, do not overdo it!

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