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Albendazole: General information
Albenza Albendazole is an anthelmintic agent that is effective against several helminthes with different localization in organs. Albendazole is a universal antiparasitic drug. The medicine has high efficiency: a modern drug for the control of parasitic diseases that is used to treat human and farm animals. The drug is universal: has an extremely broad spectrum of activity, active against all types of worms and skin parasites (fleas and ticks). Absorption of Albendazole is low, in plasma it is not defined, the bioavailability is low due to metabolism at the “first pass” through the liver.

It is used for most farm animals. The medicine has modern convenient package: glass ampoules and bottles of various volume for optimal dosing. The medicine is manufactured as a transparent oily liquid, colorless or slightly yellowish color, with a specific smell of the components.

1 ml of the medicine contains:
Albendazole active substance – 10 mg.

Additional substances: propylene glycol, benzyl alcohol, water for injection.

The active ingredient of the medicine is albendazole, which refers to compounds produced by microorganisms of Streptomices avermitis.

The mechanism of action of albendazole on the parasite is to stimulate the release of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in presynaptic neurons, which binds to specific receptors of nerve endings, increasing the permeability of the membrane to chloride ions and blocking the transmission of neuromuscular impulses. It causes paralysis and death of the parasites.

Albendazole has high efficiency and a broad spectrum of action (insecticidal, acaricidal and nematodotsidna activity) and relatively low toxicity.

Albendazole is not effective against trematodes and tapeworms as they GABA acts as a peripheral neurotransmitter.

The medicine by micellar formulation and adding vitamin E is absorbed from the site of injection, and then is distributed to organs and tissues, providing fast action within 10 – 14 days. The medicine belongs to moderate hazardous substances by its action, and by its active ingredients to extremely dangerous compounds. In recommended doses it has no sensitizing or mutagenic action. The medicine is excreted with urine and bile.

Albendazole: Indications
Before use Albendazole, please consider the following information. Its main indications are listed below.

The medicine is used for prevention and treatment of the humans and animals with parasitic diseases caused by:
– gastro-intestinal and pulmonary nematodes (adult and larval stages): Ostertagia spp., Trichostrongylus, adult stages of Dictyocaulus viviparous;
– Hypoderma lineatum;
– sarcoptes mite;
– Haematopinus eurysternus;

In cattle the medicine is used to treat:
– Oestrus ovis;
– Sarcoptes mite: Psoroptes ovis, Sarcoptes ovis;
– Melophagus ovenus;
– Lung nematodes (adults only stages): Metastrongylus spp.;
– Sarcoptes mite: Sarcoptes suis;
– Haematopinus suis.

Category of effect on the fetus : category effect on the fetus C (animal reproduction study revealed adverse effects on the fetus and adequate and well- controlled studies in pregnant women were not conducted, but the potential benefits associated with the use of drugs in pregnancy, may justify its use, despite the risks.)

One can use Albendazole, but it is recommended to consult your physician first.

Albendazole: Dosage
Before deciding to use Albendazole, you should know the recommended dosage below.

The drug is used subcutaneously in the following doses:

Cattle, sheep, goats: 1 ml per 50 kg of body weight;

Swine: 1 ml per 33 kg body weight;

In pigs and sheep for treatment of scabies, lice defeat, administration of the drug should be repeated after 7-10 days.

If the calculated dose per animal exceeds 10 ml, then the drug is administered in multiple locations. One can get albendazole at local or online pharmacy.

For human treatment the medication is administered orally; the substance must be administered by mouth. The medicine is rapidly absorbed and then begins to act quite fast on the intestinal worms. For human the recommended dosage is 0.02 milligrams per kilogram of body weight of one person. Maximum dosage that is allowed is 0.05 ml / kg of weight.

Albendazole: Contraindications
If you are looking where to get Albendazole, you should first consider the information below.

The medicine is contradicted when there is observed an increased sensitivity to Albendazole.

The drug must not be used simultaneously with other anthelmintics.

The drug must not be used to treat weak, exhausted and sick animals with infectious diseases.

Albendazole: Side effects
If you wonder where to get Albendazole, you should also know its side effects before use Albendazole.

One should take into consideration that the medicine might have its side effects that appear from the use or overdose of this drug. The most common side effects are: swollen lymph nodes, possible itching, vomiting, and frequent urination. Please consider the mentioned side effects before use Albendazole.