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Lasix FurosemideFurosemide (or Lasix) as a water pill works effectively for the prevention of inordinate salt absorption by the body. Excess salt is excreted via urination. Furosemide also works for the treatment of edema which is fluid retention in people with liver or kidney disease and congestive heart failure. Furosemide also helps in treating hypertension. 


Furosemide as an anthracitic acid derivative used orally has its tablets containing the following ingredients: 

  • Lactose monohydrate NF; 
  • Magnesium stearate NF; 
  • Starch NF; 
  • Talc USP; 
  • Colloidal silicon dioxide NF. 

Pharmacological action 

Ensure you adhere to all given instructions on the use of Furosemide. You are expected to abstain from the use of Furosemide if you have a problem with passing out urine. Ensure you don’t take more than the prescribed dosage. Ensure you notify your doctor if you are faced with some illnesses that may interact with the use of this medication. Don’t waste time to report any medical negative appearances. 


Furosemide is a potent drug that works for the reduction of edema that is responsible for heart failure, kidney disease, and liver disease. It minimizes some signs like inflammation of legs, arms and abdomen; and shortness of breath. It helps with the treatment of high blood pressure. This may lead to the prevention of kidney problems, heart attacks, and strokes. Excessive water and salt are passed out through the help of Furosemide which is a diuretic  

Mode of Indication, Dosage, and Duration of Treatment 

Ensure you follow all given instructions or directions on your prescription label or by your doctor. There may be a change in your drug use by your doctor for effective treatment outcome. Ensure you don’t take Furosemide more, less or longer than it is required. Follow the measuring order given. You may use the dose-measuring objects such as a syringe, a spoon or medical cup for the appropriate measurement. Adhere to all given directions on the use of potassium supplements in your diet as the use of Furosemide may lead to constant dehydration. Ensure you go for medical blood tests frequently to know the state of your blood pressure and other related medical conditions. Furosemide may be a lifetime medicine for concerned patients. This implies that its usage does not stop after wellness. Notify your surgeon on the use of this drug before any medical operation. Ensure to follow all the instructions on the number of doses and the duration of uses 


Ensure you adhere to the following given precautionary measures: 

  • Patients who are allergic to Furosemide or those who have problems of urination should keep away from its use. 
  • Ensure you notify your doctor of you to have any of the following illnesses: 
  • Cirrhosis; 
  • Kidney disease;
  • Enlarged prostate;
  • Bladder obstruction;
  • Urination problems;
  • An electrolyte imbalance; 
  • High cholesterol or triglycerides; 
  • Gout; 
  • Lupus; 
  • Diabetes; 
  • Sulfa drug allergy. 
  • Pregnant women and lactating mothers should seek medical advice before the use of Furosemide. 

Side Effects 

Ensure you seek immediate medical help if you begin to experience any symptoms of allergic reactions to Furosemide. These signs may be a severe skin reaction; inflammation of your face or throat; hives; or difficulty in breathing. The following are some of the side effects of Furosemide: 

  • Diarrhea; 
  • Constipation; 
  • Numbness or tingling; 
  • Headache; 
  • Dizziness; 
  • Blurred vision. 

Missed Dose 

In a situation whereby you forget to use your prescribed medicine, you can always take it at the moment of recollection. However, mind the time for the next dose if not close. Taking two doses at one time should be avoided. 


Peradventure you take more than the prescribed doses, quickly see your doctor or call for emergency medical help. Taking more than the prescribed drugs may result in: 

  • Feeling very thirsty or hot; 
  • Heavy perspiration;  
  • Hot and dry skin; 
  • Extreme fatigue; 
  • Fainting. 


Furosemide is a drug that is contraindicated in the following patients: 

  • Auria patients; 
  • Patients who are allergic to Furosemide.