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Minocycline as an antibiotic helps in the treatment or inhibition of some certain infections that emanate from bacteria in the body. It is a bacterial inhibitor that works effectively as a curative agent for respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, skin infections, chlamydia, tick fever, gonorrhea, syphilis, severe acne and other related infections caused by bacteria. 


Minocycline works effectively for the treatment of different kinds of bacterial infections. As a tetracycline antibiotic medication, it inhibits the development of bacteria in the body. It may also work at times for the treatment of severe acne when it interacts with other drugs. Minocycline is restricted only to the therapy of infections caused by bacteria. As a result of this, Minocycline will be impotent to the treatment of flu, common cold, and other viral infections. 

Mode of Indication, Dosage, and Duration of Treatment 

You are advised to adhere to all given instructions by your doctor or those found on the prescription label. You must ensure you read and follow all these directions to the letter on the dosage prescription and duration to be on the consume of Minocycline. Minocycline tablet is taken with an appropriate quantity of water–a full glass will do. Minocycline may be consumed with or without a meal. Ensure you swallow the tablet and do not chew, break or crush it. You should avoid a sudden withdrawal from the use of Minocycline or missing its doses which may have dangerous effects. You should rather continue the intake of Minocycline tablets even when it seems to be no improvement. Patients that are on Minocycline for should go for medical tests frequently. Ensure you disposed of it properly when not used. 


Ensure you adhere to the following precautionary measures before or when using Minocycline: 

     · Patients that allergic to Minocycline or related antibiotic medications such as tetracycline, demeclocycline or doxycycline should avoid its use. 

      · You may be in need of a medical test to know if you are not infected with any STDs when Minocycline is used for the cure of gonorrhea  

      · Ensure you notified the doctor if you have a history of any of the following: 

    o Kidney disease; 

    o Liver disease ; 

    o Sulfite allergy; 

    o Asthma. 

      · Pregnant women are advised to avoid the use of Minocycline as it may have dangerous effects on the unborn baby. Birth control is recommended for those that may become pregnant while on the use of Minocycline. You are advised to notify the doctor if you become pregnant when you or your partner is on the consume of Minocycline. 

     · You may inquire from your doctor if you may use a condom or other non-hormonal birth control items. This is because Minocycline may render birth control medications less potent.  

     · Lactating mothers should avoid the use of Minocycline or keep away from breastfeeding during the allotted duration of treatment. It may have dangerous effects on the tooth and bone growths in the nursing baby. 

    · Ensure you seek your doctor’s advice before using Minocycline to treat children not more than 8 years of age. 

Side Effects 

Ensure you notified the doctor if you begin to have any sign of an allergic reaction to Minocycline. These may be the inflammation of the throat or face, hives; difficulty in breathing; or a severe skin reaction such as skin tenderness, sore throat, fever, etc. The following some of the common side effects of Minocycline: 

      · Dizziness; 

      · Tingling; 

      · Diarrhea; 

      · Nausea;  

      · Muscle or joint tenderness; 

      · Numbness; 

      · Spinning sensation; 

      · Skin or nails discoloration; 

      · Hair loss; 

      · Cough; 

      · Rash; 

      · Swollen tongue; 

      · Burning pain; 

      · Swallowing problem; 

      · Loss of appetite; 

      · Itching; 

      · Headache. 

Missed Dose 

In a situation whereby you forget to use your prescribed medicine, you can always take it at the moment of recollection. However, mind the time for the next dose if not close. Taking at once two doses that are supposed to be used at different times should be avoided. 


Peradventure you consume more than the prescribed doses, quickly see your doctor or call for emergency medical help. The following may be the outcome of Minocycline overdose: 

      · Dizziness; 

      · Nausea; 

      · Vomiting. 

Interaction with other drugs 

You are advised to notify your doctor before using any new medication with Minocycline. Inform your doctor about other medications you use such as isotretinoin, a penicillin antibiotic, a blood thinner or ergot medicine. The following medications may interact with Minocycline: 

      · Prescription and over-the-counter medicines; 

      · Vitamins; 

      · Herbal products. 

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