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GrifulvinGriseofulvin is antifungal, providing fungistatic (aimed at stopping the growth of parasitic fungi) performance on various types of parasitic fungi that cause skin diseases in humans and also parasitic fungus – trihofitii pathogen / disease of the scalp and nails, a human pathogen microsporia / specific skin diseases /) and epidermophyton (parasitic fungus – a human pathogen athlete / inflammatory lesions groin, feet and nails).

Ineffective with candidiasis (a disease caused by parasitic fungi, yeast). An important feature is its effectiveness. The activity of Griseofulvin to a certain extent depends on the dispersion (fineness) of its crystals and related specific surface area of the powder. Normal grained form of the drug is approximately 2 times less active than specially made shape. Nowadays, the most applied drug has its particles size less than 4 microns.

Griseofulvin: Indications
Griseofulvin is one of the principal means of treatment dermatomycoses (skin fungal diseases). It is prescribed for the treatment of patients suffering favuse (fungal skin disease, mainly of the scalp), and trichophytosis microsporia (parasitic fungal diseases) of the scalp and smooth skin, athlete’s (skin diseases caused by parasitic fungi filamentous) smooth skin caused trihofitonom (fungus – agent of ringworm), and nail infections (onychomycosis) caused by pathogenic fungi (fungi, parasites that cause human disease – trihofiton red epidermofiton).

Griseofulvin: Dosage
If you want to use Griseofulvin, you should also know its dosage.

The tablets are taken orally during meal (with 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil). Suspension (suspension of solid particles in a liquid preparation) intended for children under 3 years of age. Liniment used independently with limited skin lesions and in conjunction with taking the drug orally.

Before use Griseofulvin, please consider the following information.

The drug is taken daily until the first negative analysis, then the same dose for 2 weeks. Two times a week.

When the superficial and infiltrative – suppurative (form of the disease, which causes thickening of the skin and the formation of ulcers in it) and forms trihofitii favuse, adults are prescribed the same dose for children – 18 mg / kg (in the same way).

In the treatment of patients with mycosis (fungal infections) scalp needs weekly shave, wash your hair with soap and water 2 times a week. It is recommended to rub into the scalp antifungal ointment and to lubricate with 2-3 % alcoholic solution of iodine.

When onychomycosis, Trichophyton and favuse scalp the daily dose of Griseofulvin for adults weighing up to 50 kg is 5 tablets (625 mg) and, higher body weight is added for every 10 kg 1 tablet, but not more than 1 g (8 tablets) per day. Children are prescribed to 16 mg / kg per day. In severe cases take the drug during the first month of every day, the second month – in a day, then 2 times a week. The total duration of treatment must last for at least 8 months.

It is recommended to take Griseofulvin combined with the removal of nail keratolytic (in this case, causing softening nails and rejection) and the means to apply anti-fungal drugs. Liniment applied thinly to the lesions in a daily dose of up to ’30. Treatment must be continued at least for 2 weeks after the disappearance of clinical symptoms and three negative microscopic examination.

Griseofulvin: Side effects
If you are looking where to get Griseofulvin, you should first consider the information below.

When taking Griseofulvin the side effects might take place : dyspepsia (indigestion), headache, nausea, dizziness, disorientation phenomena (disorientation), urticaria. Sometimes develop eosinophilia (increase in the number of eosinophils in the blood), leukopenia (decreased white blood cell count), less leukocytosis (increase in the number of leukocytes in the blood). In these cases it is recommended to take a break in treatment for 3-4 days, in mild cases, enough to reduce the daily dose for 4-5 days.

It is recommended to take 10 % calcium chloride solution, and nausea – inside tablespoon 0.5 % Novocain solution.

It is recommended to prescribe vitamins : ascorbic acid (vit. C), thiamine (vit.V), riboflavin (vit.V2), nicotinic acid (vit.RR) 1 every 10-15 days to do blood tests.

Griseofulvin: Contraindications
Before use Griseofulvin, you should know its contraindications.

Severe leukopenia and systemic blood diseases, organic diseases of liver and kidney disease porphyrin (common name hereditary diseases associated with metabolic disorders pigments), cancer, pregnancy, lactation.

The drug should not be administered on an outpatient basis (outside the hospital) transport drivers, pilots, who are employed in high-altitude work.

When diathesis and diabetes should not be given the suspension (due to its content of sugar).

If you ask yourself a question “Griseofulvin pills”, you should contact the pharmacy.

Griseofulvin: Form
You can use Griseofulvin in form of tablets, suspension and liniment.