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PremarinTrust Your Female Intimate Health Problems to Premarin
Any woman can one day run into sensitive health problems that need careful attention. Premarin is one of the most effective medicines for such female illnesses and conditions as night sweating, dry vagina, irritation, burning and some others. All of these symptoms indicate that a woman is having a menopause.

Premarin is composed of a female estrogen hormone. Since this sex hormone is naturally produced by a female body, it is widely used for treatment purposes. The medicine is administered to female patients whose body doesn’t produce enough estrogen.

Premarin also helps to prevent osteoporosis in women and cancer in both men and women.

Premarin: Versions
You can use Premarin that weigh 0,625 g each. The package contains 28, 56 or 84 pills. The 56-pills version is in great demand nowadays.

Premarin: Usage & Storage
It is advisable to take Premarin during a meal or shortly after it. It is not recommended to use the medicine on an empty stomach. Otherwise, such a symptom as upset stomach may occur.

Before you use Premarin learn as much information as you can about how this medication is to be taken: dosage and dosing frequency. If some questions arise, pose them to a pharmacist or your doctor. Don’t change your dosage on your own without referring to a medicine label or (which is better) your doctor for advice. The same applies to your dosing frequency.

Keep the package in a dry dark place away from children.

Before Using Premarin
Before you use Premarin make sure that your doctor is aware of your intention to begin treatment, your personal and family history, other medicines you are currently taking.

Your doctor will analyze your ability to tolerate the medicine based on illnesses you had, have had or have – liver, kidney malfunction, heart disease, depression and some others – and will make a conclusion.

If you plan to go through a surgery, your surgeon should know that you are taking Premarin.

Possible Drug Interactions
Some drugs, both prescribed and over-the-counter ones, taken together with Premarin may cause dangerous drug interactions. They primarily include hydantoins, corticosteroids, and barbiturates. Tell your doctor if you are currently using any of these medicines.

Substances contained in Premarin may distort the results of lab tests. So, you should inform your doctor of your treatment with Premarin.

Don’t begin any course of treatment without your doctor’s permission.

Premarin: Side Effects
The list of Premarin adverse effects is rather big and includes such common symptoms as lightheadedness, dizziness, nausea, bloating, and stomach upset. If you experience these mild signs you have nothing to worry about. Your body is currently getting used to a new substance. That means that soon these symptoms are going to disappear.

You should worry about your health if you have:
a severe form of depression;
a severe headache attack;
pain in chest;
difficulty breathing;
lumps in the breasts area;
skin rash;
changes in vaginal bleeding.

Any of the above mentioned symptoms indicates that there is a serious health problem that requires emergency medical attention.

Premarin: Where to Buy?
You can get Premarin in our virtual pharmacy. Premarin if taken regularly and according to directions will allow you to get rid of ticklish female problems. See to your health right now by purchasing Premarin, an effective medicine for a big number of female illnesses and conditions.