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The basics of the preparation
Straterra Atomoxetine Strattera is also known as Atomoxetine. The preparation is intended to treat a syndrome of deficiency of attention including a hyperactivity. The action of atomoxetine affects human brain cells and nerves which are responsible for noradrenalin and the transfer of synoptic dofaminum. In fact, the purposes of its use include more than the ones listed in Atomoxetine guide.

Recommendations for taking Atomoxetine
You ought to use Atomoxetine and take it in according to your health care specialist’s prescription. Taking larger or smaller doses is forbidden. Never use it longer than your prescription label directs. The medicine is taken with drinking a glass of water. The time for taking Atomoxetine is either morning or late afternoon. In any case your physician’s recommendation are of great importance. Never miss a dose, since you can benefit only from a regular use of the preparation. If you have accidentally broken a capsule, never use it. If the medicine gets into your eyes, it can do harm for eye-sight.

Atomoxetine: The case of missed dose
In the case of the missed dose, take Atomoxetine at the moment you remember. But you are forbidden to take a doubled dose so as to make up the one you’ve just missed.

Atomoxetine: The case of overdose – what to do?
If a patient drinks Atomoxetine too much, he can experience the following symptoms:
-Problems with stomach
-Dry mouth
-Fast heartbeat

What side effects are associated with Atomoxetine?
You can easily get Atomoxetine at low prices but we want to warn you about its side effects beforehand. They can range according to their severity but in any case one ought to inform your physician immediately.

Here is the list of side effects caused by the medication:
The most common problems may include tiredness, dry mouth, irritability, nausea, constipation, decreased appetite, sweating, weight changes, sexual problems, increased heart rate, urinary retention and blood pressure.

Here is the list of the side effect requiring your special attention. They are psychosis, depression, mood disorders, and even suicidal thoughts.

Atomoxetine: How to buy?
The preparation is prescribed for patients suffering from ADHD. The age of patient taking Sttartea varies from children to adults. There are different doses of the preparation. The most commonly offered medications are:
-Atomoxetine 10
-Atomoxetine 18
-Atomoxetine 25
-Atomoxetine 40
-Atomoxetine 60

It will take some time for physicians and patients to determine the right dose. It depends how sensitive patients are to the medication.

Atomoxetine can have a very expensive price, which can make an enormous hole in your wallet. In case you have to spend on this preparation too much you can use Atomoxetine. Look for in online pharmacies. Today there are no problems to use atomoxetine of high quality at low prices. At online pharmacies you can get Atomoxetine, but start with making sure that you check out the legal drugstore with a good reputation.

The online drugstore should be legal in your country to purchase from that particular pharmacy. It is also good to look through review checks on the online shop to be sure that this one is legitimate.

Never use Atomoxetine without consulting your health care specialist beforehand in order that that you know that it will be the best medicine for AHDH. Do not hesitate about asking all questions to your physician so as to be confident that noting threatens you while you are taking the preparation.

Atomoxetine: Contraindications
– glaucoma;
-severe heart problems;
– simultaneous application with MAO inhibitors;
– high susceptibility to the product.

Caution must be taken by patients with arterial hypertension, cardio-vascular diseases, heavy physical strain, sudden cardiac death in the family history, violation of cerebral circulation, convulsive seizures in history, also in the condition, which can lead to arterial hypotension.