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Clobetasol: indications
Temovate Clobetasol A lot of skin diseases and conditions are accompanied with swelling, inflammation and redness of the skin. To get rid of these symptoms, that sometimes cause too much discomfort, you may use Clobetasol – an effective topical steroid that inhibits the actions of certain chemicals that cause redness, itching, inflammation and swelling. These symptoms are quite common in persons with eczema and psoriasis and also may occur as an allergic reaction to medicine, food, chemicals, etc.

You may also be recommended to use Clobetasol for other purposes that are not included in this medical guide.

Clobetasol, which is the basic component of the medicament, apart from brand Clobetasol is also known under the names: Cormax, Clobevate, Olux, Clobex, Embeline E, Olux-E.

Clobetasol: contraindications and precautions
Patients with an allergy to Clobetasol should never attempt to use the medicine, otherwise a severe allergic reaction may occur. It is strongly advisable to inform a healthcare professional of any allergies to drugs a patient has.

Bare in mind that certain conditions may badly interact wit the medicine. So it is very important that a patient notifies his/her doctor of all medical conditions s/he has. For instance, steroid medicine may increase glucose levels in the blood, which is undesirable for diabetics. In such cases a dosage adjustment is needed. So before you use Clobetasol, see your medical professional and discuss with him your all issues of your treatment.

Clobetasol is in FDA pregnancy category C. As it hasn’t been found out whether the medicament may harm a fetus, use in pregnancy is possible only under doctor’s supervision. A woman should also notify her healthcare professional if she gets pregnant during the treatment.

Nursing mothers should not use Clobetasol without doctor’s permission, as it is not known whether the medicament is able to pass into breast milk or whether it may cause harm to a baby.

Never use the medicine in children if not directed so by a doctor. If the drug is used for a long period of time and in high doses, some unwanted side effects (like delay of the growth) can occur. Remember that treatment options should be discussed with a doctor, you just have to follow the given instructions.

Clobetasol: how to use the medicine?
After you get the medication, read the label and follow all the instructions. If your doctor gave you another directions, you should follow them. Using the medication in bigger amounts than needed may be dangerous for a patient’s health. Using less of the med than needed may make the treatment ineffective. So you should strictly keep to instructions you were given.

Each time before using the medicine a patient should thoroughly wash his/her hands. A small amount of medicine should be applied to the affected area and gently rubbed in. If the treated area is not your hands, wash them after using the med. It is not recommended to apply the medicine to large areas of skin.

A bandage is usually not required for covering the treated areas; still, in some cases medics may recommend a patient to use a bandage. In general, covering the treated area with a bandage makes the skin to absorb more medicine. This, in its turn, may lead to developing of certain side effects.

In case a baby needs treatment with Clobetasol in the diaper area, plastic or tight-fitting pants shouldn’t be used.

Long-term use of the medicine may also involve developing of certain unwanted effects, so a patient’s blood should be tested quite often. Appeal to your healthcare professional in case you don’t experience the improvement of your condition in 2 weeks after starting the treatment or in case you notice the signs of a fungal, bacterial, or viral infection of the skin.

If it happened so that you missed a dose, apply the med as soon as you remember. You may skip that dose if you are to apply another dose according to your schedule. Never apply extra medicine, do not double doses.

Avoid overdosing, as it may cause life-threatening symptoms. If you overdosed, call an ambulance immediately. Remember that long-term use of Clobetasol may cause such unwanted effects as easy bruising, thinning skin, increased acne, changes in the location/shape of body fat, impotence, facial hair, menstrual problems, or loss of interest in sex.

Clobetasol: side effects
While using the med for the first time be very cautious. If you start having troubles with breathing, have hives or any parts of your mouth or face become swollen, call emergency medical help immediately, as these are the signs of an allergic reaction to the medicament.

You should stop using Clobetasol and consult your medical specialist if you have severe skin irritation or any of the following side effects:
•sleep problems;
•feeling tired;
•mood changes;
•blurred vision;
•weight gain;
•muscle weakness;
•seeing halos around lights;
•puffiness in the face.

Less serious side effects (when medical help is not required, but a doctor’s consultation is advisable) include:
•swollen hair follicles;
•spider veins;
•mild skin rash;
•irritation around the mouth;
•cracking skin;
•temporary hair loss;
•changes in color of the skin;
•softening of the skin;
•dry skin;
•thinning of the skin;
•stretch marks;
•crusting of the skin.

Clobetasol: drug interactions
Although Clobetasol is not likely to interact with any other medicaments, it is recommended to appeal to a medical specialist before using the combination of meds is needed. Inform your healthcare provider of any other prescription meds, herbal health products, supplements or over-the-counter medications you are using or plan to use together with Clobetasol.

Clobetasol: Where to buy?
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